Friday, March 12, 2010

The transformation

This was probably the fastest RV makeover ever. We started last Friday and were finished yesterday. In this picture you can see that I recovered the kid's mattresses on their bunks with crushed green velvet. I also painted the cabinet fronts with chalkboard paint --a feature the kids are already loving!
In the kitchen we painted bright yellow to make the space more sunny. You can also catch a glimpse of the backwall that is also painted yellow. My paint kept running down the was very annoying.
This is the main interior. I recovered the seats in a vintage floral upholstery fabric that we got in Billings. $5 a yard!! You can see the very best improvement is the laminate hardwood flooring that Dan painstakingly installed. You can not see the carpeting in the front that he also installed.
Mechanically we think she is sound. Dan put in new shocks so we don't feel like we're sailing down the road. We are hitting the road fact right now...I better go....we'll update you later on how she rides!
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Ever since we got married Dan and I have dreamed about buying an old RV and renovating the inside. It started with my college friends, Kevin and Sara, who bought an old camper van and fixed it up. They drove that thing all the way across Canada and back! Now it's our turn!
Our dream has expanded to include our two beautiful children, who think this thing is the Taj Mahal even before we pulled out the orange shag carpet! Dan bought this beauty in Boise while he was on a business trip. He drove it home with no mechanical issues...just had to stop at every gas station along the way!
Oh yah! Don't you miss the days when orange was the predominant color? This baby is vintage 1978 (almost as old as we are...ha!ha!)
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Lily has discovered her inner Picasso. She has been painting some very beautiful paintings for us and having lots of fun. She often has the paints out and her apron on before I'm even out of bed.
She had lots of fun painting Valentine's cards using a potato stamp shaped like a heart. She would stamp a heart for a family and give it a name..."this one is Amelia...this one is Sara..."
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Chair Backers

For Valentine's I made the kids these cute chair backers inspired by the Pottery Barn Kids chairbackers. I got the design for these at They were very inexpensive to make and involved no sewing. The kids can put all their valentine's cards in them and some treats too. I made Lily's very fancy with pink and red and zebra print.
Noah's was a little bit tougher with black and red ribbon and cow print.
Lily was happy to get candy, chocolates and a book for "Valentime's day". For here this is the pinnacle of all special days...lots of hearts, glitter, pink and fancy shiny ribbon. What could be better?
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Friday, January 22, 2010

Hell on Wheels

Noah and Lily both got bikes from their Grandma and Grandpa 'O' for Christmas....Noah is drawn to anything with wheels and steering capacity. He is in love with his bike and, we are certain, he will be a bmx-er by summer. This was his first day outside with the bike...he was already trying to stand up on the seat while holding the handlebars...x-games here I come!

His Mimi and Boppa got him this very tight Hummer for is the next frontier. He knows already how to drive it, but is unable to steer...this is a little bit concerning. He managed to surf it right into the snow.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We Think He Might be Genius...

Noah discovered a new passion over the Christmas season...stacking blocks. We watched him stack blocks for up to an hour at a time. Now the kid can't speak a clear understandable word, but he can stack blocks.....and trucks.
This one was 12 blocks high...yah that's right...12. Note the tough looking bangle on his stacking arm. If you're going to do something right it ought to be done with an artistic flair. Also note the stack of trucks to the right of his tower.

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Birthday Party for Jesus

We're still celebrating Christmas around here! I just wanted to put up some pictures from the Birthday Party for Jesus that our dear friend Carol hosted for us! She went all out designing these adorable gingerbread manger scenes...complete with baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph and a few camels to boot! The kids had a blast decorating the mangers (and mostly eating the skittles!). A wonderful way to teach them the real reason for our Christmas celebrations....thanks Carol!
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Been a Long December....

December has come and gone! I can't believe it's been so long since I posted anything on the blog. We had so many reasons to put things up! I am sure you will never read my blog again! Anyway...where to begin? We kicked off the Christmas season with the annual tree hunt up Bridger Canyon. It was fun to take the kids this year. We tugged them around in sleds and looked for the perfect tree. When they got too tired (about 15 minutes later...) we headed back to the truck where I fed the kids snacks and Dan hunted down the most beautiful 14+ foot tree we have ever had! As you can see it dwarfed the truck...they always look smaller before you load them into the truck!

We stuffed that tree in through one of our doors and it literally took up the whole living room! So....we decided to invite our small group over to decorate it...many hands make light work. You can see that the ladder next to the tree only reached about half way up. Thank goodness we had James' height to reach high up to the top of the tree.
After our tree was up we headed off to Boise for a week to celebrate with family there.

After the tree was up and the house somewhat decorated, we headed to Boise to celebrate with Dan's family. I loaded up the kids and took them there myself! It was amazing how well they behaved and we made the fastest time to Boise ever! We had a fun visit with the cousins and Dan's folks. The kids just love to be with their cousins! The highlight of the trip was our Christmas dinner party where the kids got to open their gifts. Lily recieved four new princess dresses and was changed in and out of each one within 4 minutes! So cute to see her reaction to the beautiful new dresses!
Upon arriving home it was time for our annual cookie exchange. This event is growing in popularity and the cookies presented this year were the best ever! Our table was beautiful! What a wonderful time of fellowship with an awesome group of women!
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