Friday, January 22, 2010

Hell on Wheels

Noah and Lily both got bikes from their Grandma and Grandpa 'O' for Christmas....Noah is drawn to anything with wheels and steering capacity. He is in love with his bike and, we are certain, he will be a bmx-er by summer. This was his first day outside with the bike...he was already trying to stand up on the seat while holding the handlebars...x-games here I come!

His Mimi and Boppa got him this very tight Hummer for is the next frontier. He knows already how to drive it, but is unable to steer...this is a little bit concerning. He managed to surf it right into the snow.
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  1. That middle bike pic is to die for! What a little heart stealer!

  2. His face makes me melt. Steering can come later!