Friday, March 12, 2010

The transformation

This was probably the fastest RV makeover ever. We started last Friday and were finished yesterday. In this picture you can see that I recovered the kid's mattresses on their bunks with crushed green velvet. I also painted the cabinet fronts with chalkboard paint --a feature the kids are already loving!
In the kitchen we painted bright yellow to make the space more sunny. You can also catch a glimpse of the backwall that is also painted yellow. My paint kept running down the was very annoying.
This is the main interior. I recovered the seats in a vintage floral upholstery fabric that we got in Billings. $5 a yard!! You can see the very best improvement is the laminate hardwood flooring that Dan painstakingly installed. You can not see the carpeting in the front that he also installed.
Mechanically we think she is sound. Dan put in new shocks so we don't feel like we're sailing down the road. We are hitting the road fact right now...I better go....we'll update you later on how she rides!
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  1. It's really great, Jess! You guys are so multi-talented! Where did you head first and how did it go?